Buck Bros 6-Piece Wood Carving Tool Set Review

thumbnail Buck Bros 6-Piece Wood Carving Tool Set Review

Wood carving has become more than just a hobby, an art, and even a craft. So, if you are a wood carving enthusiast like me, I present this review in which I described Buck Bros’ wood carving set as a well-performing and well-qualified product, especially for beginners.

That is to say; it is a very versatile and value-for-money product that is created from good materials and is comfortable to hold. As well as offers the opportunity to be used in different areas, which makes it versatile.

Let’s dive into the details!

BrandBuck Bros
ColourRed & Clear
Number of Pieces6
Hand Tool TypeChisel
Individual or SetSet
Tool Set TypeChisel Set
Product TypeHand Tool
Handle MaterialSturdy Plastic
Blade MaterialSteel
Item Dimensions L x W x H5.8 x 6.25 x 0.75 Inches
Item Weight14.25 Ounces


  1. 6 Pieces in One Package
  2. Multi-functional Blades
  3. Quite Practical for Carving Woods
  4. Value for Money


  1. The Handle Grip Might not Be Practical for Some
  2. The Blades Could Be a bit Sharper
  3. There Are Less Information about the Product
  4. No Pouch for Packaging

Why and Who Choose This Product?

The tools in Buck Bros’ 6-piece wood carving set are individually made of very functional, and good materials and are ready to provide a lot of functionality and practicality to the user, especially the beginners.

In this direction, you can buy this product, which will not make the buyer regret that it is value for money, not only for use but also as a gift. It can appeal to many wood carving enthusiasts moreover, as a product ready to take its place on the shelves of many wood carving stands.

Buck Bros 6-Piece Wood Carving Tool Set Review

Features of Buck Bros 6-Piece Wood Carving Tool Set

Handle & Blade Material — 4/5

When it comes to wood carving, the most crucial feature that should be examined of the tool used is the blade and handle grip quality. In light of this, each of the pieces in this set of Buck Bros consists of clear and red plastic handle grips and steel blades.

Supportively, hard-blown plastics are excellent materials in terms of durability, and they do not absorb water and moisture, as well as have an average comfort in terms of grip because this set’s handles are built with them. Namely, a plastic handle instead of wood provides a very light use for the hand. Plus, it has created a modern look with the harmony of clear and red composition.

But for the handle grip, I would prefer this part to be wooden. As a classic wood carving enthusiast, vintage and classic wooden handles could have been more motivating and pleasing. Moreover, it could have been more reliable as a solid and rigid structure.

On the other hand, when it comes to the quality of the blade, I can say that it does a pretty good job. Its blades made of steel are sharp enough and of good quality to function. Moreover, they have an excellent structure in terms of durability. However, I can say that its blades are not suitable for professional work, as it does not have sharpness enough for hard work.

Comfortable & Practical Usage — 5/5

The handle grips, made of hard plastic just mentioned, are not only easy to handle because they are light in grip but also more durable in wet and humid environments. Accordingly, the comfort provided by a plastic grip in hand is preferable, as opposed to hard-feeling wood. Moreover, unlike plastic handles, it does not give the feeling of scar and pain left by wooden handles. In this context, it offers a very comfortable grip.

On the other hand, unfortunately, although the plastic handles are advantageous and comfortable in terms of grip, it is evident that they do not provide a practical grip on function. 

Along with being plastic, especially if you have sweaty hands, the fact that the tool constantly slips from your hand will not make your work very easy and practical. Moreover, it would not be healthy and safe for the tool under your hand to slip in an activity where hard pressure is involved, such as wood carving.

Versatility & Functionality — 5/5

This product, which satisfies the user in terms of material and provides ease of use, has a very versatile usage area and function. That is to say, this set, in which you can carve wood in many shapes and patterns with its sharp blades in different head types, is very advantageous in this respect.

Similarly, I did not encounter any problems in carving, and I also witnessed that it performs very well, with its tips being versatile in terms of size and shape. I can confidently say that it has performed quite well in this context. In addition, when the tools in the set are examined one by one, they all show very good functionality. In other words, it offers full performance in this regard.

On the other hand, I want to talk about another aspect. Although the product shows functionality with full performance and quality, it cannot be said to be the product of complete professional craftsmanship.

Apart from the fact that too detailed and challenging work cannot be handled well, I can state that when evaluated in the general context of the product, it is suitable for a complete beginner-level wood carving. Noting this, it is an excellent product for the beginning, and in this context, the features mentioned above make it more qualified for those who have just started this craftsmanship.

Besides, the product makes a pretty good gift. It has a very affordable and qualified gift potential for wood carving lovers around you.

Moreover, in addition to these features, it has a very portable functionality thanks to its lightweight structure. But there is only one shortcoming in this aspect. If a pouch could contain the set’s total, the set would have done a better job.

Affordable & Value for Money — 4/5

It is a very advantageous and privileged feature to buy so many different kinds of wood carving tools at this affordable price, as the set of 6 has different tips. The fact that it is much more cost-effective than many wood carving tool sets on the market and that it covers this cost with its superior performance makes Buck Bros more prominent.

As I just mentioned, it is a very good product for beginner-level users and a very good starting price for those who want to start this hobby. In this context, it will not make its users regret it and make all its functionality talk.

Final Verdict

As a final verdict, in general, Buck Bros can fulfill all four main features I have mentioned at an excellent level and demonstrate its functionality. I do not doubt that this product, which has the potential to stand out, will rise on the sales lists, in line with the developments and regulations that Buck Bros should make at the specific points I have mentioned.

Ultimately, I liked the product’s use, comfort, and versatility. Besides, although it does not perform as a very suitable product for professional work, I can say that it is a product that should be kept on the shelf in many wood carvings.

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